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Singer/Songwriter Phil Dutra Sparks Controversy With Forbidden Subject!

March 20, 20233 min read

Can you name a recent Country song where the singer is cheating on his wife? Or where the singer is the bad guy in any situation? I can't. It’s been a long time since a male Country singers allowed themselves to be the bad guy in the songs they record. Especially if being the “bad guy” means cheating. If there are any, they were released decades ago. No modern day country artist wants to be seen in that bad light.

Austin, TX based singer/songwriter Phil Dutra doesn’t care about that! "I’m willing the be the bad guy for a good song. That's the best part of being an Indie Artist! I can deal with controversial subjects and not worry about a record company saying "no way are we releasing this!" I create songs on my own terms and let the consequences be what they may!

That’s what his latest single “I Feel Your Pain” is about. Phil explains that "The singer is dealing with his infidelity and his wife’s heartache. He knows his wife knows, even though it hasn’t been discussed. He really wants to change and he promises he will."

It's a hard driving Country/Rock song with such diverse influences as Bill Withers, REM and Adele. "My producer Lang Freeman created a percussive and melodic track that truly delivers the feelings of regret and despair, matching the lyrics perfectly! I'm really happy with the final result!" says Dutra.

"I Feel Your Pain" is the latest triumph of a career creating 90s-era power-pop and suburban Americana with unforgettable melodies and hooks that drop like sacks of gold, in the tradition of Matthew Sweet, Gin Blossoms, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Oasis. Additionally, his love of seventies Pop and Rock also shines through his writing and production style.

About Phil

After struggling with anxiety for most of his life, Phil transformed his emotions to write and deliver passionate performances of some truly catchy Retro-Pop Music.

One of the most respected voices in his genre, Phil's career spans the last several decades and is inspired by his love of Melodic Pop, filled with catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics about life, love, loss and ultimately hope! Phil's emotion filled songs will grab and hold on to your heart, whether it's breaking or breaking free!!

Phil grew up loving AM Pop Radio in New York City. But as he traveled the U.S. and soaked up Soul, Country, Folk and Southern Rock along the journey, his writing reached new levels.

Now, he takes all these influences and pours the elements into his emotional-filled sound!

He has created some of the most memorable Retro-Pop tunes of the past several years. Phil’s EP “Right Behind The Rain” has garnered much praise. His song “She Walks Away” won the National Michael Lloyd song contest at the TAXI Road Rally held in Hollywood, California.

Phil's Song “Right Behind The Rain” was placed in the Warner Brother’s Romantic Comedy “Something Borrowed” Starring Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield.

Phil sounds like REM dreaming of BNL on a hit of XTC

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