Austin Songwriter’s Symposium

Me with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James Slater

Me with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James Slater

Jan 14th – Jan 18th, 2015 was the Annual Austin Songwriters Group symposium held at the Holiday Inn Midtown. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun and how inspiring the weekend was! I met or reconnected with some great songwriters and performers. I learned so many great creative and promotional tips. I especially enjoyed the songwriting master class led by Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James Slater. He written some amazing songs for Tim McGraw, Martina McBride among many others. He also performed a full show and brought down the house. He had the entire audience dancing, including yours truly.

I also stayed late into the night in song circles all weekend. It was like a free concert every night! I share this town with some great singer/songwriters. I was lucky enough to hear so much great music all weekend long!





Recording update

I have been in the studio recording some new songs. I’ve started with “Lucky” and “Sycamore”. I will release them digitally and, eventually, I will release a 4-5 song EP. I’m recording at Cedar Fever Studios just outside of Austin, TX. It’s located on a farm and has the best energy. Guitarist extraordinaire Daniel David is co-producing with me, as well as playing guitar and bass. The great Kevin hall is playing some of the best drum tracks I’ve heard and I am singing lead and background vocals. Rich Maus is also doing a great job engineering the project. Plus, we’ve have Keyboardist Jamie Hilboldt sending  us some great Keyboard and synth sounds.

I will send out an announcement when they are released.

photo 5

Cedar Fever Studios


recording at cedar fever studios

Guitarist Daniel David (Left) and Drummer Kevin Hall

Selfie at Cedar Fever Studios

(L-R) Daniel David, Phil Dutra, Rich Maus


Recording Lead Vocals

Recording Vocals for “Lucky”


Engineer Rich Maus mixing "Lucky"

Engineer Rich Maus mixing “Lucky”

Here are a few Video clips in the Studio:

Daniel David recording acoustic guitar

Yes, this is a video “Selfie” 🙂

Mixing down “Lucky”

Live Acoustic Video: “Fine Young People (Living Life)”

Here is another live video from my home. This time it is my newly refurbished music room. This isn’t my favorite take of this song but, I wanted to post it for my mom. She is overcoming a 2 year struggle with Cancer and she is finally getting better. She has enjoyed me posting my live videos. So this is for you, mom!

2nd Live Full Band Video From International Pop Overthrow Festival

Here is another full band video from my most recent show at Parish Underground in Austin, TX.  This is “For The Last Time” from my first CD “See The World.”  I had such a great time playing for the fine folks at International Pop Overthrow Festival. I’m glad I was asked to perform!

Performing New Song “Sycamore” Live At Carousel Lounge

I had a great time this past Saturday performing an acoustic set at the Carousel Lounge in Austin. It has been there “forever” with a circus theme. I opened for Fosskit No 5, Flat Stanley and The Ashbury Keys. Fun was had by all!

Here is my opening song called Sycamore. I have not recorded it yet. Hopefully soon!