Paris: Day Three

Most of the day was spent at The Louvre. Wow! We need a week just for this one museum! So, we prioritized and limited ourselves to the Denon wing. It houses the Mona Lisa, the Venus Di Milo and some of the most amazing paintings. In a brush with fame, we walked right past Howie Mandel in the Mona Lisa room. He looked like he was over the huge crowd trying to see the painting. I heard him say that he needed to get out of there.

After The Louvre, my ass was worn out! Seriously, my ass, my legs, my lower back…all worn out!! Guess what’s coming next? Yes, an afternoon nap!

After the nap, we took the metro down to the Arc De Triomphe and climbed the 200 plus stairs to the top. After I got my heart rate down, we enjoyed some amazing views of the Paris lights.

A nice walk down the Champs Élysées and dinner at at cozy bistro finished out a great day!