Paris: Day One

My husband Steve and I are on our 20th Anniversary vacation to Paris and Rome! Yes, 20 looong years! We had an overnight flight from Atlanta and arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport at 8:30 AM Paris time. We had very little sleep on the plane and just wanted a quick nap before venturing out. Well…it turned into a 4 hour nap that was very much needed.

Then we were off to the Eiffel Tower to see it in all it’s wonder. And, wonderful it was! Steve is freaking out about the inevitable climb up. I can’t wait to see the view!

Dinner was a delicious salad with artichoke heart, Avocado, egg and tomato. Then, we got lost on the way back to th hotel, circling around for what seemed like an externity. Finally, we got good directions from another hotel’s front desk, turned the corner, and found our way back!

Tomorrow, we start with a bus tour and then on to some museums.